Perrin Aqua Découpe
Experience of advanced materials for waterjet cutting technologies and applications
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Expert advice


High pressure waterjet cutting technology opens up interesting horizons for innovation. It can often provide solutions for prototyping and industrial production problems relating to the making of parts, materials or bespoke machines.


We offer advice as part of a HIGH-PERFORMANCE GLOBAL SERVICE that guarantees that solutions can be found.


Our advice service consists of:

• Helping you to achieve your functional and economic objectives for the product to be made.

• Assisting you in the design phase to develop an optimum method of production.


Thanks to our experience in materials cutting and our in-depth knowledge of advanced materials, we are able to offer our services to:

• determine the adequate type of material

• specify dimensions

• optimise our clients' objective production costs

• propose optimum solutions for making parts

• contribute our experience as a responsible partner with our clients during contract negotiations


Design offices


PERRIN AQUA DECOUPE works upstream with its partner-clients' design offices and R&D departments to produce prototypes or try their new products, providing the advice necessary to ensure success.


We can rely on:

• very good knowledge of the sectors which can benefit from the added value offered by waterjet cutting,

• expertise in advanced materials and their characteristics,

• a network of partners specialised in complementary technologies.


We provide turnkey solutions for each technical challenge.

Our clients are served and satisfied whatever the technology (waterjet or other technologies ....).


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