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Experience of advanced materials for waterjet cutting technologies and applications
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Good knowledge of technical materials

Because it preserves the materials during cutting as well as offering amazing cutting power, waterjet cutting technology can be applied to many different materials and Perrin Aqua Découpe is able to offer the benefit of its expertise in technical materials: composites, non-ferrous metals, technical metals (coppers, stainless steel…).


voir la liste des matériaux découpés avec la technologie jet d’eau

List of materials that can be cut with high pressure waterjet technology

Les composites


Les exotiques

Exotic materials

découpe jet d’eau de pierre


Our capacity and our passion at Perrin Aqua Découpe for finding technical solutions to our clients' industrial issues rely on extensive experience of cutting advanced materials:

• very hard ceramics for armaments,

• very high strength steels, titanium and magnesium alloys, very thick metal foams for the metalworking industry,

• various materials for interior decoration (stone, tiles, glass, metal…).


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