Perrin Aqua Découpe
Experience of advanced materials for waterjet cutting technologies and applications
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Active and intelligent support for new projects


To help its clients develop new products, PERRIN AQUA DECOUPE is firmly committed to:

• Listening to clients' plans for new projects

• Mobilising appropriate resources

• Making relevant proposals


Related high added valued services

In our design department you will find the most appropriate skills and resources to help you with design, prototyping and development.

- Stock integrated in your production line

- Alert service for your supplies

- Complete procurement order triggering service to determine supply needs.

- Feasibility study sampling service for design offices and R&D


A global approach

We take a global approach from the outset, taking into account constraints related to suppliers, professional requirements and our clients' product-process needs.

- Advice and assistance with part creation, upgrading or transformation projects.

- Identification of needs and constraints.

- Feasibility studies.

- Drawing up of specifications.


Appropriate resources


PERRIN AQUA DECOUPE is aware of the needs of its environment and is able to offer its clients the best technologies thanks to its work on:

• Research and development

• Study and design of parts

• Tests and validation in accordance with clients' specifications


Proactive proposals based on our experience

concrete examples of the uses of waterjet cutting

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